Alameda Sports Project

"Individual statistics are fine and dandy, but it's lonely out there. You want to share with the 24 other guys that helped you be successful". - Dontrelle Willis

Hall of Famers

Dick Bartell (Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame, 1992)

Ray French (Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame, 1943)


Curt Motton (Rochester Redwings Hall of Fame, 2006)


Bill Rigney (Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame, 1994)

Jimmy Rollins (Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame, 2008)

Willie Stargell (National Baseball Hall of Fame, 1988)

Willlie Stargell (Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame, 1989)

Don Pries (Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame 2013)

Lou Nova (World Boxing Hall of Fame 1991)

Patricia Canning-Todd (United States Tennis Association - Northern California & Southern California Sections)

Dorothy Head Knode (United States Tennis Association - Northern California & Southern California Sections) 

Jimmy Payne (Professional Arm Wrestling Hall of Fame)

Whitney Reed (United States Tennis Association - Northern California)

Clarence "Clancy" Ross (International Federation of Body Builders 2000)


Mike Amos (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo - Football)

Gary Barker (Encinal High School) 

Mike Bartell (Encinal High School - Baseball)

Marion Biggs (St. Mary's College of CA - Baseball)

Willie Brackins (Encinal High School - Football)

Andy Brown (Encinal High School)

Calvin Byrd (St. Joseph Notre Dame - Basketball)

Nicole Carroll (College of San Mateo - Track & Field) 

Andy Carey (St. Mary's College of CA - Baseball)

Ed Corell (Encinal High School - Basketball)

Debra Costello-Zabriskie (St.Joseph Notre Dame High School - Volleyball)

Robyn Crispi (Cal State Hayward - Women's Basketball & Softball)

Dick David (UC Santa Barbara - Baseball)

Robert Davis (Encinal High School)

Trinity Davis (Encinal High School - Track & Field)

Al DeWitt (Encinal High School - Basketball)

Adrian Ealy (St. Joseph Notre Dame - Basketball)

Danny Esparza (Chabot College - Wrestling) 

Christine Fairless (University of Wyoming - Women's Basketball)

Bayani Flores (Diablo Valley College - Swimming) 

Pat Foster (UC Davis - Swimming)

Janese Freested (Encinal High School - Swimming)

Dave Haber (Cal State Hayward & NCAA Division II - Track & Field)

Charles Harless (Encinal High School - Baseball)

Tommy Harper (Encinal High School - Baseball)

Lyle Hunt (San Jose State University - Judo) 

Stu Inman (San Jose State University - Basketball)

Charles "Sonny" James (Encinal High School - Basketball)

Shawn Jenkins (St. Joseph Notre Dame - Baseball)

Katie Keltner (Encinal High School)

Jason Kidd (St. Joseph Notre Dame - Basketball) 

Sidney Lane (Encinal High School - Football)

Michael Lee (Encinal High School - Football)

Sherman Lee (Encinal High School - Football) 

Jim LeMoine (Chabot College - Football)

Duffy Lewis (St. Mary's College of CA - Baseball)

Dave Lillevand (St. Joseph Notre Dame -  Basketball)

Mimi Locke (Encinal High School)

Rusty Malone (Chabot College - Football) 

Mario Mariani (Encinal High School - Football)

Sue Marion (Encinal High School)

Steve Markey (California Wrestling & Chabot College - Wrestling)

Marion Mayes (Encinal High School - Football)

Renell Middlecamp (Encinal High School) 

Bob Miranda (Santa Clara University & Encinal High School - Football)

Don Montgomery (Encinal High School - Basketball)

Curt Motton (Encinal High School - Baseball)

James Nelson (Encinal High School - Football)

Blaik Nichols (Encinal High School - Football) 

Lou Nova (Sacramento City College - Boxing & Track & Field)

Vielka Oristil-McCarthy (Encinal High School - Basketball)

Vycelka Oristil-Gatto (Encinal High School - Basketball)

Jolene Orr (Encinal High School)

Jeong Min Park (St. Joseph Notre Dame - Golf)

Amy Petersen (Chabot College - Tennis)

Don Peterson (Encinal High School)

Dick Pinion (Encinal High School - Football) 

Ross Randall (San Jose State University - Golf)

Curt Reed (Encinal High School - Football) 

Whitney Reed (San Jose State University - Tennis)

John Repetto (UC Davis - Baseball)

Lisa Roberts (Encinal High School)

Jimmy Rollins (Encinal High School - Baseball) 

Dutch Ruether (University of San Francisco - Baseball)

Tony Sales (Chabot College - Soccer)

Trini Sanchez-Blumkin (Cal State Hayward - Softball)

Judy Schmitz (Encinal High School - Swimming)

Eric Shelton (Encinal High School & Laney College - Football) 

Rich Sherratt (Cal State Hayward - Baseball)

Willie Stargell (Encinal High School & California Community College - Baseball) 

Louis "Red" Stephens (University of San Francisco - Football)

Junior Tautalatasi (Chabot College & Encinal High School - Football)

Jennifer Thatcher-O'Reilly (UC Davis - Cross Country)

Jerry Vitatoe (St. Joseph Notre Dame - Baseball)

Marvin Vitatoe (St. Joseph Notre Dame - Basketball)

Dustin Wayne (Chabot College - Golf) 

Larry Wayne (Encinal High School - Football)

Bill Westernoff (Encinal High School - Football)

Kyle White (Encinal High School - Baseball) 

Marvin White (Encinal High School - Football)

Tom White (Encinal High School)

Maurice Williams (Encinal High School)

Dontrelle Willis (Encinal High School - Baseball) 

Bob Wuesthoff (San Jose State University - Baseball & Basketball & Long Beach State University - Baseball Coach)